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Anxious for Nothing

by Amber Siany

Anxious for Nothing for Your LifeGroup

You weren’t created to exist in a constant state of anxiety. It drains your joy and leaves you stressed, burned out, and exhausted. Your purpose isn’t living in fear. Step boldly into the peace you’ll find when you’re Anxious for Nothing.

Get everything you need to prepare for LifeGroup during this special message running August 3—26.

Talk It Over

One thing you definitely don’t need to worry about is what you’ll talk about at LifeGroup. The Talk It Over guide will help your LifeGroup find all the key points, Scriptures, and inspiring challenges from each message. You can find it in the Life.Church App and at Or, maybe you just want to get it in your inbox weekly.

Anxious for Nothing Bible Plan

What if there’s a better way to fight the endless worries that keep you up at night? Real rest is available—maybe closer than you think. Replace panic with peace through this 7-day Bible Plan. Just choose the “plans with friends” feature and invite your group to read the plan together.

Anxious for Nothing LifeGroup Tips

  1. School is about to start, or maybe it already has, and the summer is coming to an end. Ask your LifeGroup what they think God may be doing in their life this new season.
  2. Make sure your group knows about the resources we’ve created for fighting anxiety available at
  3. The fall is the perfect time to help your LifeGroup rediscover what you’re all about. If you haven’t yet, lead your LifeGroup through Belong together.
  4. Try a new development tool to grow as a LifeGroup leader.
  5. Search for helpful articles to share with your group about topics like anxiety, depression, peace, rest, and joy.

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