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A Voice in the Night

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Start your day by praying to God. Talk and listen to Him all day long! Even if you go really far away or visit other places, God’s still ready to talk with you. He’s always listening.

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November 9—10 November 16—17 November 23—24 November 30—December 1

How You’re Changing Lives

From a Parent: My four cutie-pies love LifeKids. They sing the songs and [my younger daughter] teaches those songs to her brother. Starting tomorrow, my [older] daughter will be serving in LifeKids. I love watching them quote verses and sing songs about Jesus. Thank you, LifeKids leaders, for all you do for our children.

Leader Notes

Picture Pass time always includes material the kids have already seen during the experience. Here are some tips to help you keep this critical review time fresh and fun each week!

  • Pretend it’s a surprise every week. Your new kids have never seen the Adventure Bag before, so it is a huge surprise to them that Emily’s Adventure Bag is actually in the room! Play along with their delight, and remember the rest of your kids love to pretend. They love it even more when grown-ups pretend with them! Play up how excited you are. Wonder aloud how Emily’s Adventure Bag got into your room. Talk about how you can’t wait to see what’s inside.
  • Make it a guessing game. Ask kids what they think will be in the Adventure Bag, which Picture Pass they think will be first, and then pull each Picture Pass out very slowly, encouraging kids to tell you which one it is. They’ll feel like little experts each time they guess correctly!
  • Support Resources

    Click on the links below to watch videos, download leader guides, and prepare for your weekly experience.

    Worship Moves: “Jesus in the Morning”

    Worship Moves: “My BFF”

    Mr. Music’s Song: Talk to God

    Guy the Bible Guy’s Verse Motions: Psalm 55:17 NLT

    Theme Song Moves: “Bible Adventure”

    Order of Experience What to do, when

    Quick Look Which Prop Talk to prepare for, how long to play, and run time for Movie & Music

    Prop Talk Leader Guide What to do for each Prop Talk

    Picture Pass Leader Guide How to lead Picture Pass review time

    Small Group Leader Guide Ages 2-3 How to lead your small group in Under the Sea and In the Jungle

    Story Cards Ages 2-3 Story cards for small group time in Under the Sea and In the Jungle

    Small Group Leader Guide Ages 4-K How to lead your small group in The Ark and Crosstown

    Story Cards Ages 4-K Story cards for small group time in The Ark and Crosstown

    Message Video

    This Month’s Episode: A Voice In The Night