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7 Keys to a Well Connected Team

by Angie Ward

Building a solid, well connected team — it’s all about relationships.

As leaders at home, work, and within our church, I think we all long to leave a legacy. The longer I lead on the Host Team, the more I realize the most effective and impactful way to lead is through connecting with others on the team, as they step into the mission and vision they have been called to.

Connections happen as you work to build relationships. Here are 7 keys to connection:


1. CRO’s (Chief Reminding Officers)

The Host Team is a fantastic mix of long time believers, brand new followers of Christ, and everyone in between. We get to remind each person serving on Host Team that God is using them to create the warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment necessary for life change to take place. Connecting each person with the part they play in the mission and vision of Life.Church is a game changer when it comes to helping volunteers realize their value and impact as they serve.


2. Core Values

Breathe them in, and breathe them out. Knowing and leading your team is key as you cast vision. Almost any question about Life.Church can be answered with a core value.


3. Lead From the Front

Your lead will be followed as you serve alongside your teammates. Serving gives you the perfect opportunity to connect with volunteers and model excellence. This is a great equity builder with your team.


4. Be Generous with High Fives

Highlight excellence by publicly affirming teammates on a job well done. Be specific when acknowledging a behavior worthy of praise. We all love an “atta boy!”

Bonus: Tie compliments to a core value. “Thank you for going out of your way to pick up that piece of trash in the lobby. Excellence honors God and inspires people! I appreciate you helping us bring our best.” 


5. Care for Your Volunteers

People won’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. The fortune is in the follow-up. People will run through a wall for you (and the mission you help tie them to) if they know you truly care about them. Here are some ways to do that:


6. Be a Connector

Notice teammates who are on the fringe and help them connect with someone on the team. Connect team members who share commonalities… teachers, lawyers, single moms, runners – just make the introduction.


7. Get Out of the Box

Cultivate connections outside of church. Encourage leaders to:


Through implementing these simple elements, we not only become better leaders, we make connections, build relationships and help our teammates to do the same. Ultimately, this creates a web of connections and relationships within the church. With each new connection, friendships are built, giving each person other believers they can count on.  

That’s a legacy worth leading for.


Cindy Burks - Host Team Pastor