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Just a Stick

Know The Series

It takes faith beyond ourselves to believe we can do incredible things, and it takes a power beyond ourselves to do them. Your LifeGroup will remember this special guest speaker’s message for a long time. Just wait until you hear what God can do with just a stick. Here’s what you need to translate what you hear into what you do. This message runs the weekend of October 14-16.

Talk It Over

Get the most out of Pastor Craig’s message by using the Talk It Over guide to find his key points, Scriptures, and inspiring challenges. The mobile-friendly guide is always available at www.life.church/talkitover. Or, get it in your inbox weekly.

Find a Bible Plan

If the Bible is God’s map for life, consider Bible Plans your spiritual GPS. There’s a Bible Plan in the YouVersion Bible App for every person. There are plans that will feel like they were written with only you in mind.

5 Just a Stick LifeGroup Ideas

  1. Share with your group about a time you literally had no option but to trust God—when everything you needed was entirely out of your reach.
  2. What could only God accomplish in your group? Pray boldly as you prepare to gather. Ask God to do what only He can do.
  3. Learn how to give great advice.
  4. Invite someone new to your group. Here are nine ways to make them feel welcome.
  5. Find a discussion video for your group.