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30-Second Theology

Series Overview

It’s not just the biggest day in American football. It’s also the biggest day for TV advertising, and we think there’s something we can learn from those commercial breaks. Don’t miss #30secondtheology at Life.Church — it’s your only chance to catch this special message!

Talk It Over

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Be Social

Attending campus or Church Online is the only way people can hear this series. Basically, it’s the perfect weekend to use social media to invite friends. Also, let’s see those photos of your LifeGroup tailgate party for the big game! Use #mylifegroup for a chance to play in the big leagues and get featured on LifeChurch.tv social media.


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Series Outline

Week 1: 30-Second Theology

This message is based off of Super Bowl commercials, in a similar style to At the Movies. Due to copyright and licensing, this message will not be available for Network Churches or stored in the online message archive. Attending a campus or Church Online is the only way people will be able to see the message