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30-Second Theology + Pure and Clean

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Pure. You’ve probably heard that word before, but what’s it mean? Find out with the Konnect crew as they learn how to get pure, and stay that way!

30-Second Theology

Pure and Clean


1 Week Only

Feb 2—3

Week 1

Feb 9—10

Week 2

Feb 16—17

Week 3

Feb 23—24

Week 4

March 2—3

Weekly Theme

30-Second Theology Love Pure Get Pure Stay Pure Live Pure

Verse Motions

Psalm 25:5 NLT John 13:35 NIRV Psalm 51:10 NIRV 1 Corinthians 10:13 NIRV Romans 14:13 NIRV

Worship Dance Motions

Already Won
KOTM Medley
Greater Is He
Shine a Light
I Am Yours
Journey of a Lifetime
Children of the Light
One in a Million
My Life His Story
Children of the Light
He Has Won
For Your Glory
Children of the Light
Hey Me!

YouVersion Bible Plans: Encourage kids to complete them at home.
For the 1-week-only 30-Second Theology: Handling Media Influences
For the 4-week Pure and Clean series: Be Pure

Emcee/Tech Guides: What to do, what to say, and when
1 week only 30-Second Theology
Week 1-4 Pure and Clean

Small Group Leader Guides: How to lead your small group through the Konnect experience
1 week only 30-Second Theology
Week 1-4 Pure and Clean

Motions for the Konnect Theme Song:

How You’re Changing Lives

From a Parent: “[Our son] wrote a sweet letter to his little brother teaching him how to love Jesus. [It] is a direct result of our LifeKids children’s ministry at Life.Church! I am SO thankful for each of the teachers who pour into my boys’ lives week after week … you are changing the world one little heart at a time!”

Leader Notes

Heads up
30-Second Theology is not available for viewing outside of the weekend Konnect experiences. Build it up by letting kids in your small group know now. Send postcards to kids from your small group who haven’t shown up in a while so they won’t miss this special weekend!

Leader Tip
Are any of the kids in your small group wandering off or losing attention during worship? Help them re-engage! Here are some things emcees and small group leaders can do.

Lead well no matter what challenges pop up each weekend. Find more tips, tricks, and training here.