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30-Second Theology

30-Second Theology For Your LifeGroup

The best TV commercials soak up our time, attention, and sometimes, our money. They can make us think, laugh, gasp, or even cry. But is there anything to learn from those half-minute ads? We think so! Don’t miss 30-Second Theology at Life.Church. It’s your only chance to catch this special message running February 3-5!

Talk It Over

This is the perfect message for the Talk It Over Guide. It moves your group from just talk to life-changing commitment. Find it every week at www.life.church/talkitover. Or, get it in your inbox weekly.

Plans with Friends

Has your LifeGroup tried the Plans with Friends feature in YouVersion yet? If you haven’t, here’s another question: Did you get dressed this morning? Because getting dressed and using Plans with Friends are both really good ideas. Seriously, just pick a Bible Plan, invite your group using the feature, and watch what God does.

5 30-Second Theology LifeGroup Ideas

  1. Do we even need to say this? Watch the big game with your group. And when you do, laugh, cheer, and eat some great snacks. Because football.
  2. Sometimes halftime is a great time to shut off the TV. You know what we mean? If you’re watching the big game together, use halftime to share prayer requests and pray together. Or maybe just stand up, stretch, and ask everyone to answer this question: What’s God doing in your life this week?
  3. Throw a football around together. Maybe even play a legitimate game of two-hand touch. At your own risk of course.
  4. Who does Carson Wentz play for? We asked the same question and the answer isn’t what you think.
  5. Text or email a short, encouraging note to each person in your LifeGroup this week.