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30-Second Theology

Know The Series

When the biggest day in American football rolls around, TV advertising also hits a fevered pitch. Is there anything you can learn from those half-minute clips? We think so. Don’t miss 30-Second Theology at Life.Church—it’s your only chance to catch this special message!

Craig will use our favorite commercials to talk about these themes:

Talk It Over

Keep the conversation going with the 30-Second Theology Talk It Over guide. Every week, we write a brand-new, mobile-friendly discussion guide for your group at  life.church/talkitover. Pick and choose the right questions for your group. Or, sign up today to get the Talk It Over emailed to you weekly.

Your LifeGroup

Here’s an idea. Make the biggest football game of the year an all-day event about more than just salsa and football. Invite your LifeGroup and some other friends to join you at a service for 30-Second Theology. Then, get together at one of your homes or a favorite place to discuss what you heard. Then, stay together to watch the big game. It’s a perfect day to invite friends who don’t normally come to church or your LifeGroup. You might feel worried about reaching out to people who don’t normally talk about faith, but that’s okay. Everyone needs to throw a Hail Mary now and then. We’re blocking for you with a great message and Talk It Over guide.

Be Social

We’ll say it again. This is probably the easiest weekend of the year to invite friends who don’t normally go to church. Craig’s message will be fun, simple, and spot-on to meet everyday issues faced by everyday people. If you haven’t used social media to invite people you know to church yet, try adding it to your playbook this week. Okay, enough corny and cheesy football jokes—chips and queso is starting to sound really good right about now.


Series promos, message excerpts, and more are available at the Life.Church YouTube Channel.