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10 Manly Ideas For Leading a Wild Life LifeGroup

Being a man is a battle. Because of your leadership, men in your LifeGroup don’t have to fight alone. So first off, thank you for leading a Wild Life Men’s LifeGroup. If you’re like, “What? Who, me? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Then you’re in the perfect place because you’re about to read about what could be a game-changing experience for your Men’s LifeGroup. Here are 10 ideas for leading a Wild Life Men’s LifeGroup with John Eldredge.

  1. If you can, go to the event with your men’s LifeGroup. John Eldredge, NY Times best-selling author of Wild at Heart, and Pastor Craig will leave you and the men in your life dead-set on starting the four-week Wild Life experience. If there is not a Wild Life event at your campus, or you miss it, keep reading.
  2. If couldn’t make the event, watch it. Not watch it like, “I’m coming for you, you better watch it.” Watch it, like “This is Life.Church. Of course you can watch it online with your group.” Just make the whole thing a five-week experience and watch the event the first week you gather.
  3. Don’t take a week off. You might be tempted to cancel for your ballet practice or take a week off to get a pedicure, but four weeks is really short compared to changing the rest of your life. Commit to your guys not to miss a week and ask them for the same.
  4. If you got one, use the Field Guide. If you didn’t, cry about it. Just kidding. If you didn’t get one, download one here and send this link to your group. The Wild Life Field Guide includes discussion questions, prayers, follow-along notes, and more. It’s like really good nachos for your masculine journey.
  5. Start (and finish) the Bible Plan. Here are reasons not to read the Bible Plan: Satan doesn’t want you to. There are so many reasons to read the Wild Life Bible Plan that would make this post way too long. Seriously, this plan brings the Wild Life content, videos, Scripture, and off-camera extras into your week. Plus, if you don’t have a way to watch videos when you get together, the plan is a way to watch them on your own, during the week.
  6. Don’t just sit around. Guys don’t just want to sit around and talk about their feelings. Guys are way more likely to spill the beans (that is another nacho joke) if you’ve spent some time doing something together. So, think about ways to get your group out of your living room when you can.
  7. Lead the way. Have you struggled with porn or something else life-controlling? How’d you get free? How’s your marriage right now? Do you have a tough relationship with your dad? Open up with your guys each week. Do you need to heal from a wound? Heal alongside your guys. Your group will be as honest and open as you are.
  8. Talk about Wild Life. This not the fight club. You can—and should—tell guys in your life about what God is doing to change you. Because He will change you, and He’s worth bragging about. Also, now is a great time to grow your group, so tell men about it!
  9. Live the Wild Life. Listen, you need to go through this content just as much as the guys in your group. It’s not just content; it’s a way to live. That’s why you shouldn’t stop getting together when you finish the content. Week four is actually when the real wild life begins. Here are 10 ways to keep living the wild life.
  10. Set souls free. This is what it’s all about. Jesus said in John 10:10 that He came to give us not just life, but life to the full. That’s wild. We get to do this. You have what it takes. Ask the Holy Spirit to be your guide as you lead men to find freedom from what’s holding them back.